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Bonnie Cochrane Award CanSkater Medals Club Bursary
Coaches Choice Award Doreen McKay Haza Award Gold Achievers Award
Leading Personality Award Program Assistant Award Purvis Gallery Award
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In 1982 Bonnie Cochrane, a 15 year old Senior skater with the Pembroke Skating Club, lost her life in a traffic accident.
Bonnie had been a skater with the Club for a number of years. She was a true athlete, actively involved in all facets of the sport.
In 1987 the Pembroke Skating Club created this memorial Award in her honour, to promote those qualities that Bonnie possessed. Bonnie's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Wally Cochrane, were consulted on this award. They, along with Bonnie's siblings Susan and Boyd, have continued to support the Club in all its endeavours.
This award is also a tribute to a family who have suffered the loss of their daughter and sister.
1988Stephanie Kranz
1989Lori Ann Stavenow
1990Lianne Buchner
1991Jennifer Heideman
1992Kimberly O'Halloran
1993Jaye O'Brien
1994Joanne Kelson
Scott Waddell
1995Martina Heideman
1996Cindy Belaskie
Emilie Muldoon
1997Mary Hoffman
1998Laura Gareau
1999Amy Barrett
2000Vanessa Robinson
2001Christine Dodds
Billy Markus
2002Steven Robinson
2003Tessa Cotnam
Elissa Sivel
2004Rebecca Sivel
2005Amy MacIsaac
2006Kayla Gilchrist
2007Lorissa Eber
2008Heather Francis
2009Heather Francis
2010Danika Graveline
2011Rebecca Dagenais
2012Kali Robinson
2013Lauren Middlemiss
2014Gabrielle Lau
2015Gabrielle Lau
2016Jana Lau
2017Chloe Desjardins
2018Renee Kong
2019Catherine Xu
2020Adriana Silver
There are 2 components to this medal program:
CanSkater of the Year
This medal recognises a skater who demonstrates talent and passion for the sport of figure skating. Emphasis is on talent and skill achievement coupled with the spirit of a champion. These skaters have the desire to continue and succeed in skating.
CanSkate Champions
Two medals are awarded to CanSkaters who demonstrate the qualities that embody the "Spirit of a Champion": Commitment, Perseverance, Dedication, Passion, Triumph and Talent. Emphasis is on personal achievement or accomplishments.
Each skater must be eight years of age or under and currently enrolled in a CanSkate program.
"CanSkater of the Year"
2001-2002 Kaitlyn Newell
2002-2003 Alyson Wallace
2003-2004 Lindsay Noffke
2004-2005 Kendall Stresman
2005-2006 Brianna Hotchkiss
2006-2007 Olivia Vaughan
2007-2008 Gabrielle Lau
2008-2009 Crystal Dupont
2009-2010 Logan Lapointe
2010-2011 Sabrina MacDougall
2011-2012 Abbey Sheppard
2012-2013 Bridget Landrie
2013-2014 Rayah Blais
2014-2015 Catalina Solis
2015-2016 Faith Lisk
2016-2017 Holly Rahn
2017-2018 Bronwyn Popke
2018-2019 Hayden Hubert
2019-2020 Alexis Mark
"Canskate Champions"
2001-2002 Danielle Giroux, Brianna Lemoine
2002-2003 Rebecca Dagenais, Natasha Schori
2003-2004 Jaime Hammel, Kendall Stresman
2004-2005 Katy Schroeder, Rikki Lyn Voskamp
2005-2006 Courtney Ashcroft, Kali Robinson
2006-2007 Sarah Langlois, Marie Pier Seguin
2007-2008 Marissa Angelokoski, Harish Rao
2008-2009 Renee Kong, Catherine Xu
2009-2010 Melissa Savage, Alyssa Schiemann
2010-2011 Hallie Wren, Abbey Debagheera
2011-2012 Paige Douglas, Baillie MacDonald
2012-2013 Hailey Desjardins, Adrianna Silver
2013-2014 Alezis Hyne, Hailey Desjardins
2014-2015 Jayne Reid, Mika Schori
2015-2016 Georgia Graveline, Kennedy Young
2016-2017 Megan Mantha, Annie Scott
2017-2018 Olivia Mahon, Suhani Patel
2018-2019 Alexis Mark, Claire Schuurman
2019-2020 Analise Ritchie, Fynleigh Tripp
Initiated in 2008 by Don Francis. A $100.00 cash bursary given to a skater who is pursuing a post-secondary education.
2007-2008Rebecca Sivel, Kayla Gilchrist
2009-2010Heather Francis
2012-2013Rebecca Dagenais, Danika Graveline
2013-2014Ashley Rosien
2014-2015Chloe Andre, Kali Robinson
2017-2018Renee Kong
2018-2019Catherine Xu
Initiated in 2002 by Club Coaches Ann Young and Robin MacGregor, and taken over by the Club in the following years. To reward a Junior skater who:
portrays hard working skills, doesn't give up
is dedicated and has good attendance
is kind, friendly and helpful
is a good role model
participates in lessons and competitions

displays a spirit and passion for the sport
strives for new goals
has shown improvement in skill level and tests passed
is committed to skating with the Pembroke Skating Club.
2001-2002  Heather Francis
2002-2003  Sarah MacIsaac
2003-2004  Lindsay Dermann
2004-2005  Alyson Wallace
2005-2006  Rebecca Dagenais
2006-2007  Brooklyn Colborne
2007-2008  Kali Robinson
2008-2009  Sarah Langlois
2009-2010  Gabrielle Lau
2010-2011  Chloe Desjardins
2011-2012  Emily Lehman
2012-2013  Anny Pringle
2013-2014  Julia MacDougall
2014-2015  Emma Moreau
2015-2016  Kailyn Barr
2016-2017  Adriana Silver
2017-2018  Alexis Hynes
2018-2019  Rayah Blais
2019-2020  Quinn Downey
"For the individual skater that demonstrates passion and commitment to the sport"
Initiated in 2008 by Doreen McKay Haza, who has in the past been involved with the Pembroke Skating Club Executive, and had a daughter who skated with the Club.
Doreen has been extremely generous to the Pembroke Skating Club and this award is in her honour.
2007-2008 Rebecca Sivel
2008-2009 Heather Francis
2009-2010 Heather Francis
2010-2011 Kali Robinson
2011-2012 Rebecca Dagenais
2012-2013 Gabrielle Lau
2013-2014 Ashley Rosien
2014-2015 Chloe Andre
2015-2016 Renee Kong
2016-2017 Catherine Xu
2017-2018 Catherine Xu
2019-2020 Hailey Desjardins
"Gold Achievers" are those who have reached their Gold level in any discipline of skating.
Chloe Andre Gold Skills 2014
Gold Interpretive Singles 2015
Cindy Belaskie Gold Dance 1996
Gold Artistic 1998
Gold Skills 1998
Terri Leah Brown Gold Freeskate 1992
Tessa Cotnam Gold Skills 2001
Gold Skills 2004
Gold Interpretive 2003
Gold Couples Interpretive 2011
Gold Interpretive Singles 2011
Gold Dance 2013
Chloe Desjardins Gold Skills 2017
Gold Interpretive Singles 2017
Gold Interpretive Couples 2017
Gold Dance 2018
Gold Dance 2007
Gold Skills 2008
Gold Couples Interpretive 2008
Gold Interpretive 2008
Lorissa Eber Gold Skills 2001
Gold Dance 2004
Heather Francis Gold Skills 2005
Gold Interpretive 2006
Gold Dance 2007
Gold Couples Interpretive 2008
Kayla Gilchrist Gold Couples Interpretive 2008
Dan Gordon Gold Figure 1992
Danika Graveline Gold Skills 2009
Gold Interpretive 2010
Gold Couples Interpretive 2011
Gold Dance 2011
Megan Hamilton Gold Interpretive 2011
Gold Couples Interpretive 2011
Mary Hoffman Gold Skills 1998
Brenda Horwill Gold Dance 1978
Veronica Hubert Gold Skills 2001
Melissa Jones Gold Skills 2005
Elena Jutai Gold Skills 2006
Jo Ann Kelson Gold Dance 1996
Renee Kong Gold Skills 2017
Gold Dance 2017
Gold Interpretive Singles 2017
Gold Interpretive Couples 2018
Stephanie Kranz Gold Freeskate 1990
Gabrielle Lau Gold Skills 2014
Gold Singles Interpretive 2014
Gold Dance 2015
Jana Lau Gold Dance 2016
Gold Skills 2016
Gold Couples Interpretive 2017
Gold Singles Interpretive 2017
Amy MacIsaac Gold Skills 2003
Gold Interpretive 2005
Gold Couples Interpretive 2005
Gold Dance 2006
Billy Markus Gold Skills 2002
Gold Skills 1999
Gold Freeskate 1999
Gold Skills 2012
Gold Interpretive Singles 2012
Gold Interpretive Couples 2012
Gold Dance 2014
Emilie Muldoon Gold Dance 1998
Gold Freeskate 1993
Gold Dance 1994
Kali Robinsonn Gold Couples Interpretive 2011
Gold Interpretive Singles 2012
Gold Dance 2013
Gold Skills 2013
Steven Robinson Gold Skills 2001
Gold Freeskate 2001
Gold Dance 2002
Novice Competitive 2003
Gold Skills 2001
Gold Dance 2001
Gold Freeskate 2003
Ashley Rosien Gold Dance 2013
Gold Skills 2014
Gold Interpretive Singles 2014
Gold Couples Interpretive 2014
Heather Schultz Gold Skills 2000
Gold Skills 2004
Elissa Sivel Gold Skills 2000
Gold Skills 2003
Gold Interpretive 2002
Gold Dance 2003
Gold Couples Interpretive 2004
Rebecca Sivel Gold Skills 2001
Gold Skills 2003
Gold Dance 2003
Gold Interpretive 2004
Gold Freeskate 2008
Gold Couples Interpretive 2008
Scott Waddell Gold Freeskate 1995
Gold Dance 1995
Ann Young Gold Dance 1977
Catherine Xu Gold Skills 2017
Gold Dance 2018
Gold Interpretive Singles 2018
Gold Interpretive Couples 2018
Framed Gold Achievement 2019
"For the individual skater that demonstrates passion and commitment to the sport"
The 'Leading Personality Award' for the CanSkate session, was started in the 1995/1996 skating season by Ken Yates (then-owner of Goldstream Jewellers).
Each year a boy and/or girl is chosen for their outstanding personality qualities based on the Boy Scout Creed.
The child must be between the ages of 8-10 years, and displays the following qualities on an every day basis: Trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, friendliness, courtesy, kindness, obedience, cheefulness, thrift, bravery, cleanliness, and reverence.
All of these qualities are outlined in depth in the 'Boy Scout and His Law' book.
This award is to give children the recognition they deserve for their outstanding personalities and encourage them to continue as role models for the others.
1995-1996   Kyle Bertrand
Michelle Furgoch
1996-1997   Brodie Jackson
Ashley Pirie
1997-1998   Jenna Lorbetskie
1998-1999   Sarah Parro
1999-2000   Kayla Gilchrist
2000-2001   Terrance Lacroix
2001-2002   Rebecca Dagenais
Adam Musclow
2002-2003   Kyle Pare
Amber Souliere
2003-2004   Mikayla Mercier
Adam Trylinski
2004-2005   Patrick St. Cyr
Alexandra Short
2005-2006   Zachary Harvey
Monica Rao
2006-2007   Harish Rao
Courtney Sciba
2007-2008   Adele Boisvert
Mathew Unrau
2008-2009   Jacynthe Perreault
Tommy-Lee Timms
2009-2010   Connor Jakeman
Taylor Schultz
2010-2011   Connor Skeggs
Abigail Vanderhoek
2011-2012   Anny Pringle
2012-2013   Nicholas Termarsch
Vivian Wang
2013-2014   Brian Kong
Molly Reid
2014-2015   Sydney Melmoth
Carter Tennent
2015-2016   Austin Tracey
Judy Ritchie
2016-2017   Louie Carroll
Kennedy Young
2017-2018   Quinn Downey
Hayden Hubert
2018-2019   Wyatt Allard
Jillian Anderson
2019-2020   Brooke Arminen
Zach Brennan
In 2001, the Program Assistant Award was initiated by Judith Plante and taken over by the Club to recognise a Program Assistant who went beyond the minimum expectations.
2001-2002   Tessa Cotnam
2002-2003   Kayla Gilchrist
2003-2004   Kayla Gilchrist
2004-2005   Heather Francis
2005-2006   Heather Francis, Kayla Gilchrist
2006-2007   Rebecca Sivel
2007-2008   Hillary DesRoches
2008-2009   Kali Robinson
2009-2010   Chloe Andre
2010-2011   Kali Robinson, Ashley Rosien
2011-2012   Monica Rao
2012-2013   Chloe Andre
2013-2014   Chloe Desjardins
2014-2015   Kailyn Barr
2015-2016   Kailyn Barr, Chloe Desjardins
2016-2017   Abigail Vanderhoek
2017-2018   Adriana Silver
2018-2019   Rayah Blais, Catherine Xu
2019-2020   Rayah Blais
This award, sponsored by Jayne Deroy, owner of Purvis Gallery and Framing, rewards one Junior skater and one Senior skater who has accumulated the most points according to tests passed in one regular skating season.
(This does not include tests passed during off-season schools.)
2002-2003   Junior
Melissa Jones
Tessa Cotnam
2003-2004   Junior
Rene-Claude Carriere
Melissa Jones
2004-2005   Junior
Danika Graveline
Lorissa Eber
2005-2006   Junior

Rebecca Dagenais
Brooklyn Colborne
Melissa Jones
2006-2007   Junior
Brooklyn Colborne
Kayla Gilchrist
2007-2008   Junior
Rebecca Dagenais
Hillary Desroches
2008-2009   Junior

Chloe Andre
Brianna Hotchkiss
Danika Graveline
2009-2010   Junior
Kali Robinson
Rebecca Dagenais
2010-2011   Junior
Ashley Rosien
Megan Hamilton
2011-2012   Junior
Courtney Sciba
Ashley Rosien
2012-2013   Junior

Emily Lehman
Sara Barber
Gabrielle Lau
2013-2014   Junior

Emily Lehman
Chloe Desjardins
Gabrielle Lau
2014-2015   Junior

Julia MacDougall
Sabrina MacDougall
Sara Barber
2015-2016   Junior

Kailyn Barr
Emma Moreau
Abigail Vanderhoek
Jana Lau
2016-2017   Junior
Emilie Allard
Catherine Xu
2017-2018   Junior
Mika Schori
Alyssa Schiemann
2018-2019   Junior
Mya Guay
Alyssa Schiemann
2019-2020   Junior

Kira Clark, Suhani Patel
Alexis Mark
Adriana Silver