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ARCHIVE for Reference Only.  Consult the current Newsletter for Up-To-Date Information.
Annual Year End Awards
& Appreciation Banquet
Wednesday, April 8th, 6:00pm
at Anthony's Italian Grill in Pembroke
133 Pembroke St. E., Pembroke
Open for all Club skaters and families.
At our annual Banquet we recognise the efforts of the Program Assistants, Coaches, Volunteers, Gold Achievers as well as announce the recipients for the StarSkate and CanSkate awards. Award winners parents have been notified in advance.
Cost $15.00 per person (for pizza and salad, drinks are extra)
RSVP, specifying skaters names and how many persons will be attending, by March 28th, to any Executive member or by email:
A photographer from the Newspaper is coming around seven o'clock to photograph the Recipients and their awards.
EO High School Competition
Six local skaters representing two Pembroke schools participated in the Annual Eastern Ontario High School competition held in Arnprior on Tuesday March 24th, 2015.
Pembroke Skating Club members Kali Robinson, Gabrielle Lau, Chloe Andre, Renee Kong and Petawawa Skating Club members Sydney Tetz and Mariah Pecoskie were the participants of the Bishop Smith Catholic High School and Fellowes High School Skating teams.
Bishop Smith was represented by Kali Robinson, Sydney Tetz and Mariah Pecoskie. Fellowes was represented by Chloe Andre, Gabrielle Lau and Renee Kong.
Between the six girls they competed in nine events.
EOS Skaters
Left to right: Chloe Andre (Fellowes), Kali Robinson (Bishop), Sydney Tetz (Bishop), Gabrielle Lau (Fellowes), Mariah Pecoskie (Bishop), Renee Kong (Fellowes)
~ Results ~
Shadow Dance IV
Bishop Smith Team, 1st
Triathlon 1
Bishop Smith Team, 2nd
Fellowes High School Team, 3rd
Elements 1
Bishop Smith Team, 3rd
Spins 1
Fellowes High School Team, 1st
Preliminary Women A Flt 2
Fellowes High School Team, 3rd
Fundraising plays a vital role in the success of a non-profit organisation. It helps keep costs lower so that the sport is more affordable for a majority of people. Thank you for your help in raising funds for our Club—past, present and future !
PSC Bingo Evenings
at Boardwalk Gaming Centre
Friday, Apr. 24th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Friday, May. 22nd, 10:00pm - 12:00am
Friday, May. 29th, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
"Steve's Variety" 321 Murray Street
Murray and Mary Streets, the old "Tempo" location
Lottery Centre, Take out lunches, Breyers Ice Cream, Culligan Water, New Era Hats, T-Shirts, Jewellery, Avon dealer "and much much more".
Executive Meeting
Monday, April 20th, 5pm at the PMC boardroom
(Executive Meeting to follow)
Thank You, Sponsors!
Elliott Farm Equipment
New Star Restaurant
Shanloon Restaurant
Studio 5 - Joanne Rehel (Owner/Operator)
Ullrich's Butcher Shop, Catering & Delicatessen
CanSkate News
CanSkate Graduates
Liam Barenbech   Pre Can
Kayley Renaud   Pre Can
Grayson Shainline   Level 1
Caleb Reid   Level 1
Hayden Hubert   Level 1
Melody Turcotte   Level 1
Owen Tennant   Level 1
Jocob Libby   Level 1
Riley Wilson   Level 1
Morgan Raymond   Level 1
Kayleigh Palmer   Level 1
Victoria Barenbech   Level 1
Oliver Innes   Level 1
Tyrick Richard   Level 1
Gracie Flega   Level 1
Abbey Michaud   Level 1
Stacy Jones   Level 1
Maximo Bedecarratz Munoz   Level 1
Emma Croker   Levels 1 & 2
Carter Tennant   Levels 1 & 2
Judy Ritchie   Level 2
Henry Ritchie   Level 2
Rylan Belanger   Level 2
Maggie Seabert   Level 3
Henry Ritchie   Level 3
Owen Innes   Level 3
Alexie Belanger   Level 3
Cooper Levean   Level 3
Catalina Solis   Level 4
Robin Kim-Smith   Level 4
Kimara Neville   Level 4
Alyssa Larochelle   Level 5
Rayah Blais   Level 5
StarSkate News
March Test Results
Low Test Day
Hallie Wren, Julia MacDougall,
   Sabrina MacDougall
  Preliminary Skills
Sara Barber, Madison Mutlow   Senior Bronze Skills
Catherine Xu, Sara Barber,
   Madison Mutlow
  Preliminary Program
Sara Barber, Madison Mutlow   Preliminary Elements
Jana Lau   Junior Bronze Freeskate Elements
Clare Wong, Kailyn Barr,
   Baillie MacDonald
  Dutch Waltz
Emma Moreau   Canasta Tango
Katelyn Bakke   Baby Blues
Hallie Wren   Swing
Julia MacDougall,
   Sabrina MacDougall
Madison Mutlow   Fourteenstep
High Test Day
Gabrielle Lau, Chloe Andre   Silver Interpretive Couples
Jana Lau, Catherine Xu,
   Sara Barber, Renee Kong
  Introductory Interpretive
Chloe Desjardins,
   Emily Lehman
  Bronze Interpretive Singles
Chloe Andre   Gold Interpretive Singles
Renee Kong, Sara Barber   Foxtrot
Emily Lehman, Renee Kong,
   Catherine Xu,
   Chloe Desjardins,
Jana Lau   Paso
Chloe Desjardins   Junior Silver Skills
Volunteers Needed
We are looking for Bingo Volunteers, people to be on the Social Committee, and people to take on Fundraising projects.
Our next Social Committee event:
· Awards Banquet
If you are available to help out in any small way this season it would be very much appreciated.