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Spring School Results
Abbey Sheppard Fiesta, STAR 1 Skills,
STAR 1 Freeskate
Emilie Allard Fiesta, STAR 1 Skills,
STAR 1 Freeskate
Sydney Melmoth Fiesta, STAR 1 Skills,
STAR 1 Freeskate
Katelyn Bakke Junior Bronze Skills
Alyssa Schiemann Introductory Interpretive Singles
Renee Kong Quickstep, Viennese, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive Singles,
Sr. Bronze Elements
Thank you, everyone, who volunteered to help our Club this Season!
Next Executive Meeting
Wednesday, June 7th, 5:00pm
in the Giant Tiger Boardroom
At The Boutique...
Club Water Bottles
$5.00 Each (incl. tax)
Fundraising plays a vital role in the success of a non-profit organisation. It helps keep costs lower so that the sport is more affordable for a majority of people. Thank you for your help in raising funds for our Club—past, present and future !
PSC Bingo Evenings
at Boardwalk Gaming Centre
Friday, June 16, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Thank you to everyone who supported the Club's fundraising efforts this past season.
Money raised from our Chocolate Bars sales, Tag Day, Trivia Night, Bingos, and Nevada sales are used to pay ice costs, fund training for Club members and subsidise community and Club events such as the Christmas Family Skate and the Annual Awards Banquet and Appreciation dinner.
Raise Funds for
Pembroke Skating Club
by Going On Vacation!
Travelonly will donate to the Club up to 1% of the pre-tax value of your purchase.
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