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Year End Show
Our Annual Year End Show was held on Monday March 9th. The show was well attended by both skaters and their families. We thank you all for coming!
The 50/50 winner was Chris Mantha.
A Special Thank You To Our Volunteers:
Kim Blais - Music;   Chloe Desjardins - Ice Captain;
Chantal Desjardins - Welcoming, program handouts and cupcakes;
Kit Irving - Photography;   Lauren Mark - Popcorn;   Marilyn Schori - Clean Up;  
Caroline Siguin - Set Up;   Sonya Silver - MC;   Fred and Jen Thibodeau - 50/50;  
CanSkate News
~ Winter Program Schedule 2020 ~
Winter Canskate Ended March 12th
CanSkate Graduates!
~ Stage 1 ~
Oliver Davies, Rose Decaire, Beth Deline,
Caleb Farquhar, Jason MacFayden,
Kade Nepton-Theuman, Lincoln Rolfe,
Charlotte Tierney, Ryker Tierney
~ Stage 2 ~
Josephine Clifford, Anna Maria Deline,
William Hiltz, Thomas Rosein,
Liam Seabert, Avery Timm,
~ Stage 3 ~
Payton Bennett, Lexi Hiltz, Breanna Lair,
Sullivan Pattinson, Jace Pelletier,
~ Stage 4 ~
Billie Bennett, Leighton Pattinson
Year-End Show
Mika, Jaxon, Hailey, Alexis, Adriana, Rayah
Performing At The Year-End Show
STARSkate News
~ Winter Program Schedule 2020 ~
Season Ended March 11th
STAR Testing Results
Rayah Blais   STAR 2 Freeskate Program
Hailey Desjardins   STAR 4 Skills
STAR 2 Freeskate Elements
Mya Guay   STAR 3a Baby Blues Dance
STAR 3b Dance Elements
Alexis Hynes   STAR 5a Willow Dance
Mika Schori   STAR 4 Skills
STAR 3 Freeskate Program
Adriana Silver   STAR 2 Freeskate Elements
Jaxon Walsh   STAR 4 Skills
STAR 3 Freeskate Program
THANK YOU everyone who pitched-in to help the Club in so many ways again this year!
Awards Banquet
Performance In The Valley Participants
"Performance In The Valley" Participants
Hayden Hubert, Jaxon Walsh, Quinn Downey,
Mika Schori, Mya Guay
Front - Megan Mantha, Simone Ouelette
"Kernels" Popcorn
We are pleased to announce another successful Kernels Popcorn fundraiser.
There was a total of 848 bags of popcorn ordered. The Club made a net profit of $675.13.
Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser!
PSC Bingo Evenings
at Delta Bingo and Gaming
Closed Until Further Notice
Community Support
Thank you to Goldstream Jewellers for their yearly support of our Awards Banquets!
127 Pembroke St. W, Pembroke ON K8A 5M7 613-732-3142
Executive Meeting
Monday, April 27th
Time and place to be determined