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Sara Barber


Bonnie Cochrane Award

CanSkater of the Year

Coaches Choice

Doreen Haza Award

Emily, Sara

Gold Achievers

Leading Personality

Programme Assistant Award

Programme Assistants (1)

Programme Assistants (2)

Purvis Gallery Award

CanSkate Champions

Sarah Katie Greg
Kali Lauren Ashley

Greg Lauren Katie
Kali Ashley Sarah

Classroom Time


"Learn Through Fun"

Courtney, Ashley

Monica, Lauren


Jana, Katie, Sheridan, Sarah

Christmas Party 01

Christmas Party 02

Christmas Party 04

Christmas Party 05

Christmas Party 06

Christmas Party 07

Christmas Party 08

Christmas Party 09

Christmas Party 10

Christmas Party 11

Christmas Party 12

Christmas Party 14

Christmas Party 15

Group Photo

On The Ice

Sheridan, Liz

Clare, Julia

Sabrina, Julia



Chloe; Gold

Catherine on Ice (01)

Catherine on Ice (02)

- -

Chloe; Gold

Clare, Julia
Anny, Sabrina


Cupcakes For Sale (01)

Cupcakes For Sale (02)


Emily; Bronze

Group Photo

At JJ's Pizza (01)

At JJ's Pizza (02)

Julia, Anny

Logan, Katie, Emily


Golds & Silvers


Monica & Skater

On Ice (01)

On Ice (02)

Raffle Table


Sara, Abigail

Sheridan (Gold)
Sara (Silver)

Sparks On Ice Team (01)

Sparks On Ice Team (02)

Stage 4
CanSkate Challenge

Stage 5
CanSkate Challenge

Stage 6 Introductory Competitors [01]

Stage 6 Introductory Competitors [02]

Group Photograph

Adya, Courtney

Adya, Jacynthe

Results Wall


Ashley, Rebecca
Shadow Dance

Ashley; Spiral

At The Boards (1)

At The Boards (2)

CanSkate Group

Group Photo

Catherine, Jana
Shadow Dance

Chloe, Haylie

Catherine; Spiral

Chloe, Ashley

Chloe, Gabrielle
Shadow Dance

Chloe, Lauren

Chloe the Lobster

Connor; Podium

Courtney, Adya

Courtney, Ashley

Courtney; Spiral (1)

Courtney; Spiral (1)

"Sparks On Ice"

Danika, Lauren
Team Spins

Danika; Podium

Emily, Sheridan

Sit Spin

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

"It's Kinda Magic"

Jana, Chloe

Kali, Chloe Becky

Kali, Danika

Lauren, Rebecca, Danika

Lauren; Spiral

Megan, Rebecca
Danika, Lauren

Monica, Chloe
Ashley, Kali

Monica, Lauren
Shadow Dance

"Party Rock"

"Pirouette Quartet"

"Team Elements"

Team Elements

Madison, Emily

"Under The Sea" (1)

"Under The Sea" (2)

"Under The Sea" (3)

Team Spiral (1)

Team Spiral (2)

Ashley, Courtney, Chloe

Ashley, Courtney
Kali, Lauren (1)

Ashley, Courtney
Kali, Lauren (2)

Ashley, Courtney
Kali, Lauren (3)

Courtney, Ashley

Courtney, Ashley, Chloe (1)

Courtney, Ashley, Chloe (2)

Courtney; Beginning Pose

Courtney, Jana

Courtney; "Monster Mash"

Courtney; Spiral

Courtney; "Y"

Danika, Robin

Emily, Sheridan
Sara, Katie

Katie (1)

Katie (2)

Katie, Renee

Katie, Sheridan, Emily

Katie, Sheridan, Sara


Sara (1)

Sara (2)

Sara, Ashley, Katie

Sara, Katie

Ashley, Kali

"Mr. Roboto"

"Disco Divas"

"Pirouette Quartet
Minus One"

Group Photograph

With Jennifer

Robson Clinic 01

Robson Clinic 02

Robson Clinic 03

Robson Clinic 04

Robson Clinic 05

Robson Clinic 06

Robson Clinic 07

Robson Clinic 08

Robson Clinic 09

Robson Clinic 10

Robson Clinic 11

Robson Clinic 12

Robson Clinic 13

Robson Clinic 14

Robson Clinic 15

Bishop Smith Team

Bishop Smith Team, Robin

Fellowes Team

Fellowes Team, Robin (1)

Fellowes Team, Robin (2)

Team Jackets (1)

Team Jackets (2)

Team Jackets (3)

Team Jackets (4)

Group Photo

On-Ice During
Valley Skate

Ashley, Becky

Becky, Courtney

Becky, Kali

Becky, Lauren

Courtney, Becky

Courtney, Chloe

Ashley (1)

Ashley (2)

Dinner Party


Fellowes Team


Kali, Ashley

Lauren, Ashley

Lauren, Courtney

Monica, Lauren

Ashley, Robin, Courtney
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